Something very symbolic, to the weekend we celebrate gratitude, happened at the eatery on Saturday.
When I opened my eatery 3 summers ago, my sister, was so kind to send me a painting to hang for all to enjoy. Sadly this painting went missing on one of the crazy late shifts that we used to open up for that first summer.
My sister being the ultimate optimist was excited by the fact that someone had actually heisted her painting and then generously sent me another painting to replace the one that was stolen.
The replacement painting has been displayed in the eatery for some months attracting many admirer’s and I can tell you I had become very attached to it as well.
On Friday I was contacted by a very sweet customer, who was interested in purchasing the painting. I told the woman that I would reach out and ask my sister if the painting was for sale.
When I contacted my sister she was very excited that someone was interested in her art enough to actually pay money for it and she exclaimed that the piece was absolutely for sale.
Between the three of us we were able to come up with a price and close the deal.
Now here comes the best part of this story.
My sister insisted, from the onset that all money received would be donated to the eatery’s ”Suspended” program. How cool is that?
12105822_759715567467000_3281362744075295340_nSo we have a painting that was a given to us to replace a painting that was stolen from us. We have a customer that was kind enough to ask about purchasing a piece of art she fell in love with while visiting the eatery. And we have a wonderful amount of money being donated to the suspended program because of these serendipitous turn of events.
This is truly a win win win situation.
My sister is so happy to have sold a piece of her art, the customer is so happy to not only encourage an emerging artist but also be able to help out her community, and we get to actually contribute many more‪#‎grilledcheese‬ to the less fortunate on the streets of the City of Barrie
We are extremely grateful for all who visit our eatery, for all who have contributed to our suspended program over the years, and for all the artists who have placed their works on our walls.
Happy ThanksGiving!
Right on!

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